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Crazy cowboy dance video – just fer fun!

What can I say?  Just my answer to a really slow Sunday!  If you can’t go crazy for real — just go crazy!  Hope you enjoy this cowboy dance video.  It’s just fer fun!

Well . . . I figured as long as I was just messing around on this page I might as well add another one that’s not my usual, and that’s this next one — actually somewhat of a country “song” about the recent college problems with Hamas and Israel.  Definite proof I can’t sing worth a darn!

Horizon - promo photo

First,  let me apologize ahead of time.   For this is but  another somewhat sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek attempt at both poetry, humor, and movie critique.  This one is on the 2024 cinema release of “Horizon — An American Saga”. .  Of course, the saga is you making it through the entire movie without walking out — because besides being confusing, boring, disjointed, and historically inaccurate – your only hope in making it through the entire thing is that the popcorn is really good.  Anyway,  here’s my poetic critique of the movie:

Horizon – a poetic movie review
by M.T. Justice copyright 2024 by jon gutmacher

There’s a movie called Horizon
about the darned Old West
but it  really ain’t that accurate
and surely ain’t the best

The injuns there are raiding
but those folks who are most dead
don’t shed all that much blood
keep their scalps right on their head

The movie is disjointed
sometimes hard to tell
are they there in Colorado
or in some damn hotel?

Or maybe it’s the desert?
Nevada, it could be?
Or perhaps in California?
Or maybe just all three?

Well, Kevin Costner was the director
the lead actor, too
he should have stuck with Yellowstone
that series wasn’t through

But he decided to venture
with a story about the Old West
Unfortunately for him – and all of us
It just wasn’t quite
the best

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