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Stories of the Old West as Cowboy Poetry

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COWBOY POETRY!   Well,  if you love cowboy poems, or “cowboy poetry” as it often called, this is the place for some of the best of it — and certainly the most unique cowboy poetry you will ever read or hear.  M.T. calls it “cinematic cowboy poems” because they are all stories that often give you the feeling of watching a big screen western movie.    It is definitely a very modern twist to the traditional cowboy poetry out there featuring complete stories done as narrative poems about individuals who made the Old West great, and those who live in the more modern west.   The author is listed as “Marshal T. Justice”, a pseudonym for the western stories and cowboy poems of Jon Gutmacher — me.   For those not familiar with the work of Jon Gutmacher,  I’ve been writing narrative poetry since 2011, and my other fantasy poetry website has been ranked by Google as the top single author fantasy poetry website in the United States since 2011 — although my fascination and work on cowboy poetry mostly began in earnest back in 2022.     In fact,  the thing that sets these apart from most other cowboy poems, and makes  them special is that they are all written as complete stories.  Cowboy stories, cowgirl stories, stories about the frontier, stories about the people back then to now on the range and in their towns and travels — all put into cowboy poems so smooth you’ll rarely even notice your reading verse rather than just a wonderful story that either brings a tear or smile — and sometimes just a laugh.

The front and back covers of “M.T.’s” new book of cowboy poems  are shown below, as well some information on the new book.  It is a unique work, with 24 really great cowboy poems, and 22 great archive photos.     The book is a great read, and a terrific gift, and like I said, also contains 22 archive photos of the Old West.   For an autographed copy  direct from me and this website  — just use the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this page.     Also, like I said,  there are also  YouTube videos of at least three of my shorter  cowboy poems,  some with  links further down on this page, and a couple just about the book.   Please check out the videos — they are fun to watch, and all have a country music background!    You can also get to these cowboy poems online at YouTube simply by going to YouTube and typing in my name “Jon Gutmacher” which will bring up all my videos including the cowboy poetry ones.  By the way,  there’s one cowboy poem in the book, not on any video,  called   “Montana”, that I consider “groundbreaking” in the annals of cowboy poetry — and is written in chapters detailing the life story of a boy on the frontier who becomes a deputy sheriff, and later a major cattle rancher.  It’s his life story!   Quite like reading a Zayne Grey western novel set to a cowboy poem.  It’s quite a story — and I foretell  it will one day be recognized for how unique it is, and become an American cowboy poetry Classic, and best cowboy poem.

In essence,  a friend once gave me a great compliment about my cowboy stories saying:   “You don’t write cowboy poetry – you just happen to write great stories with rhythm”.   Yup!  That’s what I do.  Hope you agree.

Thanks for stopping by!      M.T. Justice   aka  Jon Gutmacher

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The music in the video is Ned Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum from YouTube music.  Makes me tap my foot every time I hear it!

The book, “The Old West & Times Gone By”  contains twenty four original cowboy poetry stories of the Old and New West by “M.T.” (as we call him) as cowboy poems [ie:  narrative poems of the Old West] along with twenty two archive photos of the Old West including some famous, and some not so.  These are stories set to cowboy poems that will grab your heart,  get your blood running, bring a tear, or just put a smile on your face.   You can purchase an autographed copy using the button below.   Likewise,  if you’d like to see a great new YouTube video where I appear as “M.T.”, and narrate my Old West poem (ie: “cowboy poem”) “Jessi and Wes” — sort of a 1950’s or so New American West cowboy poem and life story of a young couple who meet in a cowboy bar  — please click the photo link above, or use the direct link:

It really is a beautiful, tender life story of a young couple who meet out west in a cowboy bar, and fall in love at first sight.    There are also at least three other Youtube videos of  the cowboy poems of Marshal T. Justice you can find:  Katie Elder, an old west poem about a tough Kansas lady who takes out three desperados with her six gun,  Curtis Grey, a great cowboy poem about a mountain man who comes into a backwoods saloon for a drink, and finds a lot more, and “The Cowgirl” — one of my favorite cowboy poems about a tough rancher gal whose daddy owns a major cattle ranch who can outmatch just about any male on off the range – doing anything.   All of them are personally narrated and performed by me as “M.T.” — and by the way, you can usually catch me performing once a month at the Arts Garage poetry night in Delray Beach, Florida.   If you do, please say “hi”, and say you saw the website!   I know I’d love to meet ya!  

The cover photo on the book is a archive photo of Nelli Bly,  probably the best known, and one of the few frontier female newspaper reporters of the American West.   Her image is absolutely haunting to me.  And, by the way — there are a load of great stories about Nelli around.  She was a rare breed, way ahead of her time.  Maybe M.T. will get a chance to do a cowboy poem about her one day?  Anyway — if you’d like to purchase the book off the website  it’s autographed!!!  Use the button below!  Otherwise,  like I’ve said before — it’s available all over the place —  but the only place it is autographed — is here!  Amazon Kindle address is:

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